After logging many miles together with our cameras over the highways and back roads of Connecticut, getting up before sunrise in hopes of creating that spectacular shot, my friend and I decided to share our discoveries with others who would also like to photograph the special places of Connecticut.

We hope to give you ideas of new places to go, whether you live in CT, vacation here or are just travelling through. Look for a tourist tip along the way: we share some of our favorite eating places or shops in some of the places that we go back to over and over.

Most of the places we talk about are within easy walking distance from the road, although there might be a few that might require a bit of walking to get to scenic points or lookouts. This will be noted in the descriptions. Most locations identified are accessible to the public, and do not need a reservation. Most are free, but when there is an entrance or parking fee, this will be indicated.

The sites are divided geographically into four sections:

      • Litchfield Hills
      • Central River Valley
      • The Shoreline
      • Eastern Connecticut (including the Quiet Corner)

There are so many photo opportunities in this beautiful state, and we’ll be adding new locations regularly, so check back often. If there is anything you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear from you! That includes feedback about the website, or somewhere new to discover!

So whether you like to shoot landscapes, nature, wildlife, gardens and flowers, architecture, street scenes or people, follow along, and we’ll take you on a scenic tour through this beautiful, historic and picturesque state!

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